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Friends of the Museum School

Our Mission

Our mission is to support the education of children at the Museum School in order to provide enrichment programs and other benefits for students. We come together as parents and caregivers to create events and opportunities that support the school financially and foster relationships between parents, teachers, students and the outside community.

FOMS is a volunteer organization consisting of parents and caregivers of Museum School students. Everyone is welcome to join FOMS, and there are no dues or papers to fill out in order to participate. We understand that different families can contribute in different ways, so we offer a variety of opportunities to contribute. We strive for 100% participation from our school families and have a huge range of opportunities, from giving a monthly financial pledge to helping organize teacher appreciation week, from getting donations for our annual gala to contributing your personal expertise. There is something for everyone.


What We Do…

Fundraising & Community Building

One of our primary goals is fundraising for the school to help cover costs we don’t receive from the state.

FOMS is happy to make such a significant contribution to the Museum School. We raise from $120,000 – $150,000 annually! That is a lot of money for our little school and it’s all done by us, the parents and families of our students.

FOMS also helps keep the community connected and recognizes the amazing work of our teachers and staff.

We do this by spearheading programs and events during the year, such as:

  • Movie Nights
  • Read Across America Day,
  • Family Nights
  • Supporting Class Parents: Class parents act as liaisons between teachers and parents, communicating important information about classroom happenings and field trips.
  • School Directory: We compile an online directory of all Museum School students including names of parents, phone numbers, and email addresses to make everything from play dates to committee work easier.
  • Teacher Appreciation and School Spirit: FOMS hosts an annual luncheon for all teachers and staff during Teacher Appreciation Week.
  • T-shirt Sales –  Museum School t-shirts and stickers, and promote our school spirit and events on social media.

How it Helps…

What does money from FOMS pay for at Museum School?

The quick answer is that the money we raise allows the Museum School to offer all of the programs that make the school so unique and special!

These programs include:

  • Free Field Trips for All Students
  • Sewing Classes
  • Spanish Classes
  • Art Classes
  • Equipment for Physical Education program
  • Robotics Classes

  • World Music Classes
  • Kitchen Science Classes
  • Ballroom Dancing
  • Drama Classes

We also help pay for necessary renovations including the bathrooms!

Building Community

FOMS seeks to create a sense of community at Museum School, one where everyone feels like a part of the school, and new families feel welcome.

How We Do It…

Events & Programs

We raise the funds for these programs through events and programs throughout the year, including:

  • Monthly pledge drive
  • Fore the Kids Golf Tournament
  • Spring Gala and Auction
  • Art Auction
  • Grant Writing
  • Corporate Matching
  • Restaurant Nights
  • Pizza Sales

How you can help!

Please see the variety of ways, below, that you can get involved and support the Museum School

Come to a FOMS Meeting! - Click here to see the schedule

Friday Morning Meetings – Coffee with Phil + FOMS Meeting

Join us for coffee, tea and breakfast treats with our school director Phil Beaumont at 8:00 am, followed with a meeting from 8:15 am until 9:00am.

Friday, September 29th at 8:00am in the Art Room

Friday, October 27th at 8:00 am in the Art Room

Friday, December 1st at 8:00 am in the Art Room

Friday, January 26th at 8:00 am in the Art Room

Friday, February 23rd at 8:00 am in the Art Room

Friday, March 23rd at 8:00 am in the Art Room

Friday, May 25th at 8:00 am in the Art Room

Friday, June 29th at 8:00 am in the Art Room

We may, and probably will, hold other meetings as needed throughout the school year. These will be announced via email and posted on our school calendar.




Golf Tournament - We need help NOW!

We will be holding our annual Fore the Kids Golf Tournament on Friday, October 6th at Sycuan golf Resort.

We need help with recruiting golfers to sign up for the tournament. It is a very fun event and can raise up to $10,000 for our school. The more golfers the merrier. Please encourage your golfing friends to sign up right away! There is an early bird special running until Friday, September 8th.

We need volunteers to help sell Opportunity Draw tickets before and after school in the two weeks leading up to the tournament. Just 30 – 40 minutes per day is all we need. If you are available, please sign up at the link below:

We will also need volunteers on the day of the event. If you want to join us for the fun please sign up below:

Join our Friendly & Fun Gala Organizing Team

This year we will be holding our annual again at the Bali Hai sometime in March of 2018. Last year’s event was the most successful ever, and you can help make this year’s event better.

We will need help with the following:

  • Procuring items for the silent and live auction
  • Designing a poster and invitations for the event
  • Decorating and setting up the event
  • Organizing baskets and bidding
  • Check out at the event

If you are interested in helping in any of these tasks along with other friendly people, please join us at one of our regular Friday meetings or email foms@museumschool.org (Sign up Genius link to follow)

Movie Night Set Up - October 27th

Are you skilled in setting up a projector, PA and a screen for our occasional movie nights?

We need someone to help with set up for our first Movie Night on Friday, October 27th

Please contact Phil Beaumont at phil@museumschool.org if you are willing and available

Volunteer to Help in the Classroom

There are plenty of opportunities to help out in the classrooms! Please visit our Volunteer Page to see where you can help out.

Join Our Board of Directors

Creativity, collaboration and openness to all are the keys to a successful foundation to support a unique school such as the Museum School. Anyone can be a member of the Friends of the Museum School. There are no dues to pay nor paperwork to fill out. Simply help out wherever and whenever you can.

However, as a non-profit 501c3 organization, the Friends of the Museum School have a variety of a legal and tax obligations to uphold and observe. We have an official Board of Directors to help oversee all of the fundraising and wonderful programs, as well as work with an accounting firm to submit an annual 990 tax report, and ensure we maintain a safe and sustainable legal status. FOMS carries Directors and Officers insurance to protect its members.

Board member terms last for two years and are staggered to ensure a healthy balance of experienced members and new members.We are currently searching for new members of the Board to rotate in leadership positions. If you are interested in joining the Board, please contact either Phil Beaumont, at phil@museumschool.org, or Samantha Rosales and Rondi Vasquez at foms@museumschool.org

2017 F.O.M.S. Board Members
Co-Presidents –
Samantha Rosales and Rondi Vasquez

Treasurer – Heather Dannecker

Secretary – Jennifer Chernay
Members – Felicia Watson, Kristie Buckley, Phil Beaumont

November Book Fair Coordinator

Book Fair Coordinator

What is it?  The book fair is after school during the week of November 13 – 17. We will open the fair up after school during the minimum day conferences that week. We need volunteers to staff the fair from 1 pm to 4 pm each day. The Book Fair Coordinator will coordinate with the Usborne representative and organize volunteers for the week of the fair.

Time Commitment/Time Frame:  A few days here and there in Sept. and Oct. and overseeing that the fair is staffed during November.

Duties: We need a parent to be the liaison with the Usborne folks, as well as organize a team of volunteers to set this up, break it down and take cash for the merchandise.

EMAIL FOMS@MuseumSchool.org with questions or suggestions.

Grant Writing Team

GRANT WRITING COMMITTEE – If you are interested in writing grants for the school, please email Rondi and Samantha at FOMS@museumschool.org

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We love the Museum School because it offers an incredible range of enrichment programs that other public schools just can’t offer. These programs help create the culture that we love at here and we look forward to continuing with your help, however you can contribute.

Look for our emails and on the school website for opportunities to pitch in. Or email foms@museumschool.org to let us know you are interested in helping and we will reach out as needs arise.

F.O.M.S. Board Members
Co-Presidents –
Samantha Rosales and Rondi Vasquez

Treasurer – Heather Dannecker

Secretary – Jennifer Chernay
Members – Felicia Watson, Kristie Buckley

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