Hello Museum School Families,

Donations for the spring gala are really starting to roll in! And one class has already earned a pretzel and popcorn party! Still, we have a way to go. Thankfully, there’s still time to ask and get a donation, so go ahead and do it today!

Here is where we stand with donations per class:

Kindergarten 5

First Grade 7

Second Grade 12

Third Grade 3

Fourth Grade 29 (Yeah Fourth Grade! WAY TO GO!!)

Fifth Grade 3

Sixth Grade 2

Seventh Grade 3

Eighth Grade 5

I guarantee that your child wants that popcorn and pretzel party, so remember to go out and get at least one donation—that way you can tell them that you did your part to make it happen.

And just in case this is the first email you have seen about this, here’s a quick refresher:

To get and log the donations, the steps are easy: When you ask for a donation, give the business this Gala Donation Request Letter 2017-18 (which has our Federal Tax ID Number). Once they tell you that they will give us a donation (it really does happen a lot!), give them this form Gala Donation Form 2017-18. You fill out the top for the school, and the business keeps the bottom for their tax records. Finally, bring confirmation of your donations by Friday, December 8! And, if you remember, each class that gets 25 donations will get a popcorn and pretzel party. Our goal is for all 9 classes to get a party! .

Feel free to reach out to me directly with any questions.

-Heather Holliday
Gala Procurement Chair and mom of Angelica (4th) and Elinora (1st)

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