Hello Museum School Families,

This week we are gathering our donations for Get (at Least) One Thing! Need a quick refresher about this competition? Our goal is to have each family get at least one donation for the spring fundraising gala.

To get and log the donations, the steps are easy: When you ask for a donation, give the business this Gala Donation Request Letter 2017-18 (which has our Federal Tax ID Number). Once they tell you that they will give us a donation (it really does happen a lot!), give them this form Gala Donation Form 2017-18. You fill out the top for the school, and the business keeps the bottom for their tax records. Finally, bring confirmation of your donations this week! And, if you remember, each class that gets 25 donations will get a popcorn and pretzel party. Our goal is for all 9 classes to get a party!

Here’s where we stand now:

If your class has a ways to go to get to 25, it’s ok. There’s still plenty of time to get a donation (or two or more)! If you ask a few places, you’ll be amazed at how many say yes! So you can see where others have had success, here a few more that have come in:

  • Tickets to the Whaley House Museum
  • Tickets to the San Diego Padres
  • A gift certificate to Culture Shock Dance Center
  • A gift certificate to Ranchos
  • A gift certificate to If I Was a Bird Yoga – a kids studio
  • Free skating at San Diego Ice Arena
  • A gift certificate to Snapology
  • A stay at Glorietta Bay Inn
  • A gift certificate to California Ballet School
  • A gift certificate to Soup Plantation
  • A gift certificate to FreeStyle Martial Arts
  • Tickets to Landmark Theatre

Thanks everyone for your hard work getting these amazing donations! Also, remember that we need these donations because we love the Museum School! The donations are auctioned off to the highest bidder to raise money for the school. The money pays for free field trips, sewing, Spanish, art, P.E. equipment, robotics, world music, kitchen science, ballroom dancing, drama, and more—in other words, this money is essential to making the Museum School so unique!

I’m looking forward to seeing what else comes in this week!

-Heather Holliday
Gala Procurement Chair and mom of Angelica (4th) and Elinora (1st)

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