Update from the FOMS Meeting – ‘Cash Crunch’

Thanks to all that attended the FOMS Meeting on Friday! At the meeting Phil announced that the school is experiencing a bit of a ‘cash crunch’. There a few things that contributed to this.

The state deferred some payments to next fall, and due to changes in legislation we are no longer eligible for a portion of funding we previously received. On top of that our expenditures were front loaded this school year with the bathroom remodel and investment in the Wonders literacy program.

How can we help?

Fall Pledge Drive: If you intended to pledge a monthly or annual donation but didn’t, here is your reminder! Click below for the pledge form, or head over to our website now to pledge.

Pledge Form

Friends and Family Letter: Please share this letter with any friends and family that would be interesting in supporting the school. All donations are tax deductible. They will receive a tax receipt and a thank you note.

Friends and Family Letter

Employor Matching: Please check this list (borrowed from KPBS) see if your employer will match a donation you already made this calendar year, or plan to make now. LPL Financial, Qualcomm, Kaiser and Sempra Energy are just a few that participate.

Get (at least) One Thing: December 4 – 8
Our procurement campaign begins tomorrow!

Our Spring Gala Auction (March 10, 2018) is the biggest fundraiser of the year for Museum School. We need a lot of good stuff to make the auction a success so we are starting to procure donated items. The businesses you frequent are the best ones to ask for a donation. We provide a donation letter and form that you can bring to businesses. They donate a service or item to us and they get a tax deduction. You can pick up forms in the office or download them from the FOMS tab on the school website.

Next week, volunteers will be front of the school every day from 8:30-9 am to collect and record your donations. We’ll also have volunteers on Thursday after school.

What is the prize? Every class that gets 25 donations will get a party! Our goal is to have all nine classes earn a party! The only way to achieve this goal is if each and every family gets out and asks for donations. (AND the student who brings in the MOST items WINS a special treat with PHIL!)
Does an email confirmation count towards the Get (at least) One Thing contest? Yes! If the business has made a written confirmation of a donation, that’s good enough for now.
Can I help collect donations the week of Dec 4-8? Yes! Sign up for a shift before or after school.
Do I have to log in my donations on the easy and convenient Donation Form? No, you don’t have to, but it would help others see what has been donated so we don’t ask the same business twice. We will do it for you if you haven’t already during the week of December 4-8. Check here to see what has already been donated.

Upcoming Events
December 4 – 8: Get (at least) One Thing contest

December 4 – 8: School photos

December 14: Pretzel Sale after school

December 15: Winter Showcase (Note to new families – this is a fantastic event! It’s one of the highlights of the school year, and a great way to start the winter break.)

Quick Links
FOMS is on the Museum School website and facebook, and instagram.

When you shop at Amazon, remember to use Amazon Smile and select "Museum School Collaborative". Free money for Museum School!

The Museum School online directory is a great resource – you can search by student, parent, family or teacher.