Hello Museum School Families,

I hope you had a great Thanksgiving break!

Following on the heels of Black Friday, Cyber Monday, and #GivingTuesday…I have decided that Wednesday should officially be #MuseumSchoolWednesday! This means that tomorrow I am requesting that you ask at least one company to donate something for our annual spring auction. (You didn’t see that one coming, did you?) [If you need a reminder about what the Get (At Least) One Thing campaign is, click the button below.]

Why is it important that you get (at least) one donation for our school? Well, besides helping earn your child a popcorn and pretzel party, our school needs donations to pay for teacher’s aides, field trips, sewing, Spanish, music, and more. The donations are auctioned off at the spring gala so we can fund all of the things that make the Museum School unique! And we can only be successful only with everyone’s participation!

So, if you haven’t already gotten a donation, the newly minted #MuseumSchoolWednesday is a great day to go to your favorite coffee shop or restaurant and ask if they give donations to schools. Or call an organization where your child takes classes and ask if they would be interested in donating to a public school. Or ask your neighbor (who also happens to own a business) if they would like to support a local public school. Or think about somewhere you’ve always wanted to go and call and ask them if they are interested in donating to help support a public charter school. If any of them ask about the school you can say, “The Museum School is a very special public charter school where a well-rounded, hands-on curriculum has resulted in consistently high test scores—proving that a well-balanced learning approach works for our children!” Who wouldn’t want to support that?! Of course, feel free to ad-lib as well :-).

For some inspiration (or to start figuring out what you are going to bid on in the spring), here are a few more items that have been donated so far:

  • A Searsucker Restaurant Gift Certificate
  • A Herringbone Restaurant Gift Certificate
  • 4 tickets The LOT movie theatre
  • A one-night stay at TWR 23 Hotel
  • Spa Day Package at The Knot Stop
  • Dinner for two at Crab Hut
  • A gift certificate to AquaPros Swim School
  • 4 gift certificates to Ike’s Love & Sandwiches ($25 each)

So let’s get on the #MuseumSchoolWednesday bandwagon and ask for a donation or two this Wednesday and beyond. Once you get a donation, log it here.

Next week, the week of December 4-8, we will be bringing our donations (or confirmation of donations) to school for the Get (At Least) One Thing campaign! If you have 45 minutes to an hour to spare, we could use some help before and after school to collect donations. Please let us know if you can take a shift before or after school.

Thanks everyone, and please let me know if you have any questions!

Heather Holliday

Procurement Chair and mom to Angelica (4th) and Elinora (1st)

Get (At Least) One Thing Flyer