Dear Museum School Families,

I’m guessing you are thankful your child(ren) have the opportunity to learn sewing, music, and Spanish, or else you wouldn’t be a Museum School family! In addition to those, I’m personally thankful for the amazing teachers at the Museum School; I’m grateful for Phil and Jane; and I’m thankful for the many, many field trips my children take.

If you are in fact thankful for the education offered at the Museum School, I’m going to give you one simple way to show it. (Yes, this week, even though the kids are on break J.) I’m going to ask you to Get (at least) One Thing donated for the spring gala. After all, this is one of the best weeks to get out there and ask for donations! Because of the break, many of us are going different places than usual and (hopefully) have a bit of time off. So when you are out and about, perhaps visiting entertainment venues, coffee shops, or restaurants you don’t always go, be sure to ask for donations!

To help you get inspired, check out some of the amazing donations we’ve gotten so far!

  • A University Club Membership
  • a hotel night at Hilton Bayfront
  • 4 tickets to a San Diego Soccers game
  • A 3-month family membership to the YMCA
  • a facial from Sara Elizabeth Skincare
  • a tasting and tour at Cutwater Spirits
  • dinner for two at Lionfish

Remember that we love personalized donations too, so feel free to donate something you are really good at (a cooking class, a guided hike, or a homemade dinner for 8, for instance). Or if you have access to a unique location or experience – perhaps a VIP tour or sunset cruise on your boat?

Here’s a brief reminder about the Get (at least) One Thing campaign: Our goal is to have each family get at least one donation for the spring fundraising gala. (The donations are auctioned off to the highest bidder to raise money for the school. And this money pays for all those things we are grateful for at the Museum School!!) Each class that gets 25 donations will get a popcorn and pretzel party!

To get and log the donations, the steps are easy:

1)When you ask for a donation, give the business this Gala Donation Request Letter 2017-18 (which has our Federal Tax ID Number)

2)Once they tell you that they will give us a donation (it really does happen a lot!), give them this form Gala Donation Form 2017-18 to fill out

3)Then you log your confirmed donations

4)Finally, during the week of December 4-8, bring the donation (or confirmation of the donation) to school along with the filled out donation form.

Thanks everyone, and Happy Thanksgiving!

Heather Holliday
Procurement Coordinator and mom to Angelica (4th) and Elinora (1st)