Hello Museum School Families,

We are in our second week of the “Get (at least) One Thing” campaign, and we are off to a great start! As you will remember, our goal is to have each family get at least one donation for the spring fundraising gala (the donations are auctioned off to the highest bidder to raise money for the school). And each class that gets 25 donations will get a popcorn and pretzel party!

We’ve already gotten some great donations! A partial list includes:

  • An overnight mountain biking trip organized (including food and most supplies) by two Museum School dads
  • A $100 Gift Certificate for Searsucker Del Mar
  • 4 Zoo/Safari Park Tickets
  • A Flamenco dinner and show for 2 at Cafe Sevilla

I don’t know about you, but I want to bid on ALL of those! Thanks to the parents who have gotten us off to such a great start!

If you haven’t started asking yet, there is still plenty of time. So make sure to ask any restaurant or coffee shop that you frequent, any camps where your children go, or any friends who own a business and might want to donate to help public education. Also feel free to get creative! For instance, do you have a special skill that you could donate? Are you an amazing baker, a great babysitter, or an excellent surfing coach? If so, we love personalized donations like these too. Remember, whatever you would like to get, that means your fellow parents would most likely want to get it too.

As for how to get and log the donations, the steps are easy:

1)When you ask for a donation, give the business this Gala Donation Request Letter 2017-18 (which has our Federal Tax ID Number)

2)Once they tell you that they will give us a donation (it happens more often than you would think!), give them this form Gala Donation Form 2017-18 to fill out

3)Then you log your confirmed donations

4)Then, during the week of December 4-8, bring the donation (or confirmation of the donation) to school along with the filled out donation form

5)Finally, bask in the praise of your child as he or she thanks you for helping win a class party! Oh, and don’t forget to feel good that you have helped raise money for all the things you love about our school (like sewing, art, music, field trips, etc.)

Thanks again to those parents who have already brought in donations. And remember to reach out to Gala Procurement Chair Heather Holliday at heather if you need tips for who or how to ask.

Please let us know if you have any questions. And thank you for your help!

~FOMS Team

Get (At Least) One Thing!

Donation Request Letter

Donation Form