Hello Museum School Families,

Our big GALA is scheduled at the Bali Hai on March 10th, 2018. While it’s hard to believe that we are already planning for the spring, it is closer than you think. And this is our biggest fundraiser of the year—so the earlier we get started, the better off we are. With that in mind, we are getting a jumpstart on gathering donations for the silent and live auctions now!

Those of you who have been part of the Museum School family the last few years know that we have made a school-wide game out of getting donations. We’re doing the same thing this year, only we’re mixing it up a bit. This year our goal is to have every family Get (at least) One Thing donated! And every class that gets 25 donations will get a party! Our goal is to have all nine classes earn a party! The only way to achieve this goal is if each and every family gets out and asks for donations. (AND the student who brings in the MOST items WINS a special treat with PHIL!)

Remember to ask your friends, family, and neighbors who are business owners, and any businesses that you frequent to donate what they can. You give them a donation letter and form, and they get a tax deduction. [Pick up forms in the office or download them off the Museum School website (click on Annual Gala)]. Once you get a donation secured, be sure to log your confirmed donations online (you can also find that link on the above Museum School link). Then bring in the donations the first week of December! Attached you will find a flyer that gives you more details about the Get (at least) One Thing game.

What should you get? Best-sellers always include gift certificates for restaurants and cafes; sports equipment; and gift certificates to kids’ camps, classes, birthday parties, and activities. Basically, anything you would want to get is what other parents also want!

The super fun gala auction is the biggest fundraiser of the year for our little school and we need every family’s help to make it a success. If you are not sure how to go about asking for donations or if you have questions about the game, feel free to reach out to Procurement Coordinator and Museum School parent Heather Holliday at heather. She’s the first to tell you that she was tentative about asking for donations, but was surprised by how many businesses are eager to donate!

Please let us know if you have any questions. And thank you for your help!

~FOMS Team

Get (At Least) One Thing!

Donation Request Letter

Donation Form